Welcome to the Social Newscast

I started writing Narativ – a real-time Trump-Russia blog – in December 2016. Since then, our investigations have been read by half a million visitors and been written about in Vanity Fair, Wonkette and Vox.

Now, my writing partner, Tracie McElroy, and I are taking Narativ to the next level with the launch of a premium Twitter feed @NarativLive (subscribe for $10/month) and our new live socialcast #NarativLive (which is available free).

This is full-scale live TV with live feeds, graphics, video and two hosts in two countries – Total staff: TWO. I’ve done TV the old way for two decades, so it’s exciting to be breaking new ground. While the numbers are still climbing, we’ve already had over 10,000 views in less than a day.

Watch the show and support our work by subscribing to our news feed @NarativLive by signing up at premosocial.com/NarativLive for just $10/month.

Narativ is independent, live and interference-free.

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