The New AirPods are Game Changers

My first video mentor, back in high school, taught me a lesson that has stayed with me throughout my career. The most important thing about video isn’t the picture… It’s the sound.

That’s why I’m particularly excited about AirPods. Apple’s new, paradigm-shifting offering will be an absolute game-changer in how video is viewed online. Perhaps you don’t realize how tethered you presently are to your device as you listen to music or watch video. Just walk down any street, be it in a big city or a small town, and you’ll see. Those pretty white EarPods would have been more aptly named EarCuffs.

Freedom Day will come in late October, as Apple’s revolutionary AirPods become available and emancipate listeners from the electronics that bind them. Sleekly-designed, with a long battery life and intuitive switching between devices, you can now watch or listen to any video, anywhere, without holding onto your phone, leaning over your laptop, or straining your eyes because you’re so close to the screen you can count the pixels.

Heres what this means to video creators and viewers:

1. Longer viewing times because, let’s face it, arms get tired.

2. Less closed captioning and videos you have to read to understand.

3. Just like TV, you can listen to video in the background.

4. You can still hear the outside world while staying connected by leaving one pod in its charging case.

The price of freedom? $159. Case included.

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